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About the Teachers

Sarah McFadyen has over 25 years of piano teaching experience and has led early childhood music classes for more than 15 years. She is the secretary of the San Joaquin County Branch of the Music Teachers’ Association of California.

Brianne McFadyen, age 20, has completed level 6 Certificate of Merit. She has also studied the clarinet, flute, and cello. She is currently part of a string orchestra. Brianne teaches beginning-intermediate piano lessons.

Piano Instruction

Age 7 is the recommended age to start piano lessons, though it is never too late! We recommend Music Makers classes for ages 2-6 years old. Piano lessons include 30 minutes of individual piano instruction, along with 30 minutes of tech(nology) time weekly. Tech time offers the student an opportunity to develop a well-rounded music education encompassing theory, sight reading, ear training, rhythmic development, and music history using technology. Tech time is required and progress is monitored. The first week of each month, students attend a piano group lesson instead of a private lesson. Students are required to play one piece for their group each month. Parents are not to be in the music studio during private or group lessons, but are welcome to relax in the waiting room.

Piano Program

The studio offers a year-round program, which averages 33 private lessons, 12 piano group lessons, and 4 recital opportunities each year. The studio will be closed during regular school holidays and also 2 other weeks each year for vacation. Please refer to the online studio calendar for event dates and when lessons will not be held. Monthly group lessons are required for piano students, recitals are not.

As a member of the California Music Teachers’ Association, students have opportunities to participate in our Branch recitals and other events, such as Certificate of Merit. This yearly evaluation assesses the student’s technique, ear training, sight reading, performance abilities, and theory knowledge. Students may also participate in The Royal Conservatory Music Program. Please inform your teacher if interested in a rigorous piano program that includes either of these evaluations.

Piano Requirements

Students are expected to practice 5 days per week for a minimum time appropriate to their level. It is recommended that students ages 7-9 practice 20 minutes daily; students ages 10-13 practice 30-45 minutes a day; students ages 14 and older practice in the upper intermediate and advanced levels spend an hour a day practicing. It is imperative that the student read the instructions written in their lesson binder in order to make progress each week. Students must bring all materials to the lesson (binders, books, etc.). Remember to keep your fingernails trimmed short, because fingers don’t curve properly with long nails.

Parents are to maintain communication regarding progress and problems in order to mutually work toward the student’s musical goals, development, and enjoyment. The student needs a piano in the best possible condition, preferably an acoustic, tuned once annually, with adequate lighting and bench height. I recommend Greg Evans (916-362-5079) as a piano technician. If you prefer a keyboard, I recommend a Yamaha Clavinova (standard model is just fine). A full size keyboard with weighted keys is necessary.


The fee for piano lessons is based on a yearly tuition payable in twelve equal monthly installments of $115.00. Tuition must be received or postmarked by the 15th of each month or a $15.00 late fee will result. No refunds will be given for missed lessons. Students taking lessons from Brianne McFadyen pay $90 a month for tuition. A materials fee of $60 is due to Sarah McFadyen once a year in September. The teacher will purchase all the necessary materials for the student. Homeschool students paying through a charter school, please set up monthly vouchers.

Piano Make-up Policy

When unable to make a lesson, please mark student’s attendance as absent on the calendar online instead of emailing or texting the teacher. If you need to cancel a lesson the day of, please text the teacher (instead of call) so that it does not disrupt a piano lesson with another student.

A piano lesson may be rescheduled for a vacation, sickness, or family emergency with at least 24-hours notice. The student is responsible for scheduling a make-up lesson (one maximum per month) on the website calendar. Add the student's name to a make-up lesson spot that doesn't already have a name attached.

Please make every effort to attend each group lesson prepared to perform. If there is a calendar conflict, occasionally a student may attend a different group lesson.

In the event that the teacher is ill or cannot teach a lesson (besides school holidays and 2 weeks of vacation each year listed on the calendar), the lesson will be rescheduled or the cost of the lesson will be refunded.

Lesson times will not be reserved for students who wish to take time off. The student will need to arrange for another time slot when they return. If none are available, they will be placed on a waiting list.

Piano Termination

If a student wishes to discontinue piano lessons, they are to give at least 2 weeks notice. The teacher may terminate lessons when the student is irregular in attendance, repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material, or consistently fails to follow the directions of the teacher during lesson time.

The Studio Environment

Please park on the east side of the piano studio in the driveway and use that entrance. Come in without knocking. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available for use. Students need to be dropped off and picked up at the scheduled time. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed inside the studio or waiting room. You are welcome to eat or drink using the table and chairs provided outside by the studio entrance.

McFadyen Music Studio Website

Piano students will receive an email with a username and password to log onto the website Please log in promptly because the password expires a few days after it is emailed. You can access the Piano Studio Calendar and other information from the website. Please avoid texting your teacher about calendar questions. Instead, please refer to the online calendar for lesson times and events.


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