McFadyen Music Studio

                                                           Music Makers Registration Form                                                                    

About the Teacher

Sarah McFadyen has over 25 years of piano teaching experience and has led early childhood music classes for 15 years. Sarah is the secretary of the San Joaquin County Branch of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. 

Music Makers

Music Makers classes give children rhythmic, harmonic & melodic ear training, spatial skills necessary for note & rhythmic reading, and recognition of classic form & instrumentation. Music Makers also allows children the freedom of expression & musical interpretation, using full body involvement to internalize concepts & skills. The children will enjoy singing, dancing with streamers, playing with a variety instruments, and a parachute! The guardian of a child under the age of 4 years old is required to fully participate in the class. Parents of children ages 4-6 years old are not to participate in class to allow room and child independence.


One semester (8 weeks) of Music Makers is $100. Registration is complete once payment is received. There are no make-up classes for Music Makers. No refunds will be given.

The Studio Environment

Please park on the east side of the piano studio in the driveway or along the railroad ties and use the east entrance door. Come in without knocking. Students need to be dropped off and picked up at the scheduled time. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed inside the studio or waiting room.

Circle the session that applies below.

My child is signing up for the Winter/Spring Semester of Music Makers.

My child is signing up for the Summer Semester of Music Makers.

My child is signing up for the Fall Semester of Music Makers.

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Do you give me permission to take pictures of your child(ren) and share them on my McFadyen Music Studio Facebook page (without their name being disclosed)?          YES                 NO

Guardian’s Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________

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Thank you for your cooperation, Sarah McFadyen